June 18, 2012

Le Chic

This one is....well...a kind of silly project but I like to think is a cute one. I don't know why someone (besides me) wants a painting with a chair illustrations.  But give it a chance! =)

And your sims can have a Eames chair! Unfortunately, even in The Sims world isn't cheap. Nanu from TSR made many of that chair but is a pay item. In Garden Breeze you can find one Eames and I swear I see more of them but just can't remember. =(

The paintings:

Click here, here and here to see a big image of each print.

How it looks in my game (Yep...not inspired at all to take a better pic!):

 To get the .package file:

To get the .sims3pack file:

Made with TSR Workshop/ Mesh by EA / Illustrations by Jen Renninger/ Package file converted with Sims3Pack Multi Installer.


Anonymous said...

It's cute!

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