January 16, 2013

Alice Surfaces

"For a more functional EA".

 New items for the project “For a more functional EA”.  This time I convert into surfaces the décor-only objects from the Through the spy glass bathroom set. It took me long time to finish, was not easy as it may appear.  I was dying to convert something into a better place for appliances too. So…no more talk, I preset to you the ALICE SURFACES

The spooky Formal Cabinet from the Spy Glass Set turns into a nice end table and a counter island. The counter is for any kitchen appliance.  The cute White Rabbit Stepstool and Off Kilter Cabinet is now an end table. 







Now you can call your friends to try your new chocolate fountain without the embarrassment of showing your dirty and messy kitchen! Or put one coffee machine in your office and take a cup of hot Choco while reading a book or watching your profile in that date website. 



I don’t have any testers besides me, so any problem, please send me a message.

* Made with TSR Workshop. Conversion to package with Sims3pack Multi Installer. Mesh by EA.*


Jeanette said...

Do these overwrite the original files or are they standalone?

Madam Pink said...

Hi Jeanette!

They don't overwrite the original.

Jeanette said...

Awesome, thank you. Downloading now. Thanks for doing this. I do own the original set so this will go along very nicely with that.

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