September 17, 2011

Today's Great Findings!

Some days I'm on a mission to find something in particular for one of my Sims house.  Sometimes takes days to find! And the worse scenario is when I see something that I like but don’t save the link and  later that item is perfect for one house. L This happens all the time…so now, I save everything! And the perfect way to keep track of my great findings is post then here! Is so much better than many .txt  in some obscure file on my PC. ;)

Today I was not looking for anything in particular and found some great objects and sets. My today’s findings: 

I’m not crazy about cars but Fresh-Prince Creations has some great models! Just loveeee the Corvette!

·         If you hate that EA’s birthday cake that seems childish for young adult, adult and elders birthdays parties here is the solution! Some amazing and delicious options for  birthday cake: Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry by Mensure @ TSR and Pumpkin, Green Tea Ice Cream, Vanilla, Lavender frosting and Carrot cake by Scones for Cream Tea.

There are some amazing things at M&R.Sims ! Chinese clothes, décor, hair and sets.  I’m in love with: the Card’s Tea Party by Jeanie ; Japanese Doll Shelf , Chinese Chess,Chinese Lute and Scroll Painting by QingshuangTongzi. Still in the oriental décor, some amazing curtains from Feixun’s Blog.

Feixun's Blog : Chinese Curtain (There is more patterns) 

Links to select downloads on captions. ;)

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