October 27, 2011

Pets: How to recover your CC!

For now everybody knows that the Pets expansion burked all the cc. For the sake of pets interaction with objects , EA changed the way of objects is read. I don’t understand all that RIG question but there’s some tools in internet that correct the cc for the new patch (1.26) and Pets expansion (1.27 base game version). 

Here is the options:

  • Granthes Rig Fix that you can download from here .
  • TSR RigFix that you can download here (it's free!). 
I used the TSR tool and have no problem at the first time but later when I have to reinstall all the CC (cause I just can’t uninstall by Launcher or any other way) it’s not work so good and some contents still burked. I’ll try the Granthes Tool.

One reminder is that the beds are with animations problems. I read some blogs about how to fix the bed but I thought very complicated and did not try.

The creators are already updating all contents for the new patch. If you don’t patch your game, it’s better save all the cc files ‘cause the updates only work with 1.26 or 1.27 (pets) patch. Most of creators is turning all the cc for that patch and don’t leave the copy for the old patch.

Creators (that I follow) that already update their files:

Awesims (All files are update)
B5Studio (All files are update)
Cosas de Pilar ( All files are update , including beds)
Garden Breeze (You can find here some files in the old patches format)
Simcredible (Update)
For a complete list of updates files:  

My Sims 3 Blog (Right menu)

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