February 7, 2012


Double update with some amazing Double Merrick illustrations.

I totally falling in love with those illustrations and they’re just perfect for one of my sims house.

I make then in 03 version: 02 frames and one painting.  I saw the pictures of the real paintings and they’re on a surface and look sooo gorgeous that I made 02 frames versions, just like the images: 

Is the same illustrations except the frame version 2 that have one different image.And if you  want to hang on the wall, one painting version.

Some in game images:

You can download in package or sims3pack format:



Visit Double Merrick shop! ;)

Bookcase by Simcredible
Files, box and shelving by LivingDeadGirl
Poster (last image) by Vayleen (Super cute!)
Post it by BYHSD
Little can with pen by Camille

Made with TSR Workshop. Convertion to package by Sims3Pack Multi Installer. Mesh by EA, Pilar and B5Studio

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