February 16, 2012

Push Me! Cushions

Cushions! The versatile element for a decoration. 

Have some empty space and don’t know what to put there? Put some cushions! J  It’s one of the best options to put some personality to the room. So, I made a big set ! There’s cushions for all kind of taste. All the illustrations came from the amazing site: colourlovers.com. 

So, the sets:
  • ·         10 sets in total.;
  • ·         The number of variations is different for each set;
  • ·          The On Sale Sets is an infinite range of stamps;
  • ·         Unfortunately the cushions is NOT recolorable.

(Click to enlarge)

In game:

You can download in both format: 



Any problem, please send me an e-mail

1. Armchair by B5Studio
2. Dresser by EA Store and pattern by Djehmli
3. Bench by Shino & KCR
4. Sofa by EA 
5. Sofa by Awesims

Made with TSR Workshop. Convertion to package by Sims3Pack Multi Installer. Mesh by Mango

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