September 24, 2012

Retro & Indian Shelf


After the Get off! Project I knew that I could make a better work on this previous project “Retro & Indian Shelf”.  It’s funny because I take the things that I learned on the “Retro” project to do the “Get Off!” and now it’s the inverse. So, here it’s a small/big update. 

With the changes the shelves is better looking in game, looks exactly the same as the bookshelf. The Indian now has the same 04 channels as the original.  The numbers of slots is the same. 

I wish I could keep track of the people who downloaded the first one so I can send to them this new.  Since I don’t have this information, I ask you to download again.  I know…so sorry!

* Made with TSR Workshop. Convertion to package by Sims3Pack Multi Installer. Mesh by EA. *


Andres said...

it replace te original objects from the store? i think the people its lloooking for that good work

Madam Pink said...


At the end this bookcase turn into a surface so I think will not replace the original. In your game,you can find then in Misc.Surfaces. But if you ask about the mesh, I think is not necessary to have the bookcase. But I didn't test that. :(

macthekat said...

That does look a lot better. It is really a great idea. Thank you!

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