September 20, 2012

Get Off!

Some EA décor items converted to surfaces.

This is something I want to do for a long time. I saw those décor items and really wish I can put my own stuff (the uncountable clutter objects I downloaded…). Now I have the chance to do this! I must say that I learned more about meshing with that little project. 

 The items that I converted to surfaces is the Foyer Frills and Country Carved Tableware Cabinet that comes with Provence Set and the Implementations of Relaxation from Sunlit Tides World. I love those items and now I can put them wherever I want and whatever I want!! 


I run a test here and you don’t need to have the Sunlit or Provence Set installed. And it's not a default replacement so you can have both (the EA décor and the surface). But if something happens, let me know.

If you like, hit "Download"!

All images are in game but I didn’t take any as an example . Sooo…if you used this can you please send me one image? I’ll appreciated and put here.

* Made with TSR Workshop. Conversion to Package with  Sims3Pack Multi Installer. Mesh by EA.*


GigaRevival said...

Thanks so much for this!!! <3

Zhippidy said...

Very nice :) Thank you! I will be using these a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! But are they default replacements? Will they replace the originals in the game, or appear alongside the originals in the game? I don't want them to replace the originals.

Madam Pink said...

Hi, Anon!

They don't replace the originals. You can use them without worries!
You find these surfaces at Misc.Surface and Misc.Storage section. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is very useful. (:

simsinspring. said...

awesome, thanks ♥

moon333 said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful set :)

bitterquill said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this set. Sometimes EA's logic boggles the mind. These will be infinitely more useful than the originals. Thank you so much!

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