June 18, 2012

I will see you in far off places

I really want to make something inspired in Indian culture but with a pop visual. I think that when I saw the “Indian Inspired” Set by EA. 
Some elements in that set are perfect for my Sim living room but her style is pop art.  This project is on my computer for a long time ‘cause I just can’t find the right mesh. I want a big frameless painting and decide to change the Celeb Splatter painting that comes with Nightlife expansion. There’s a little problem on the back of the painting but nothing big.

With the new mesh, I finally finish other little projects that I will put here in separated topic just for a better organization.

This one include paintings, frames ( I’m crazy about floor paintings!) and cushions. And, yes... I back to use music to name my projects! Guess from who is that song! =)

Some pic from the game (sorry, but I was not inspired to create an amazing cenario.):

Like it? For download the package file:

For download the sims3pack file:

1. Elephant by "Indian inspired" Set (EA)
2. Coffetable by EA (I don't know the set..)
3. Paintings by B5Studio

Made with TSR Workshop / Mesh by EA / Convert to .package with Sims3Pack Multi Installer. / Illustrations from Colourlovers.com.


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