June 16, 2012

I want to believe

Yes, I’m a "The X-files" fan. I don’t like the last seasons but in general was a great show with many classics episodes. 

The first poster at the Mulder’s office was that one:

After the fire on season 5 finale Mulder get that one:

There's a lot of variation of the Mulder’s poster but I just love the print made by Bill Pyle. So I turn it into a nice poster for my Sims. =)

And a bonus! 

Game pics:

To download .package:

To download .sims3pack:

1. Printer, Files and Cabinet by Living Dead Girl @ TSR
2. Chemistry Set by EA Game

 Made with TSR Workshop. Mesh by Severinka. Convertion to package by Sims3PackMulti Installer.


Anonymous said...

Cool & simple. Thanks.

chantelle said...

thank you!!!!!!! i love x-files!

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