November 15, 2011

The First

Soooo I made my first painting! It’s a recolor of one of my favorite painting by Repulsive Desire. There’s a huge set of floor paintings which the  mesh was made by Repulsive Desire for one Blog Train. Unfortunately  I discovery all that fellows (LemonJelly, Repulsive Desire, Velvet, Fashionista e etc…) after the closing of RD blog. The blog train was such a great idea! I’m sad that there’s no more. 

Thankfully, Lemon Jelly have made gorgeous recolors of that set (And have a new one on her blog, already get it!).And I found one tutorial and made my own recolor! It’s not perfect but is a real victory for someone that don’t use programs like photoshop or any image editor program. In fact, I don’t like them.
That image is "Alone in the tropics" by David Humphey

Now, I need to search some cool images and made a few more paintings. I really want to put those paintings in surfaces too but this is a high fly for me now. But I’m Brazilian and we never give up!(It’s just one expression that we used here). Soon I’ll put my little monsters here. :P

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