November 17, 2011


I made it! I made it! Here’s my first cc. It’s a recolor of the EA painting  “Jazz Me Up! Photo Series”  that came in the Jazz Age Living room. I love that frames and see many beautiful recolors.  My recolor is some of the most important physicist and astronomers (at least at my opinion!)  in history.

 I made two sets: one with physicist and one with astronomers. Is a nice photo set for an office of a scientist Sim or a teen who love science!

*Made with TSR Workshop*

I’m now introduce the great scientist that I choose. Feel free to skip. ;)


CARL SAGAN:  American. Wrote many books for the divulgation of right astronomy and made the 1980’s TV series: Cosmos. I’m in the scientific career because of him. <3

JOHANNES KEPLER: German. Made the fundamentals laws of celestial body motion, known as “The Kepler Laws”;

NICOLAU COPÉRNICO: Polish. Develop the Heliocentric Theory in which the Earth was not the center of the universe (he supposed is the sun);

GALILEU GALILEI: Italian. Improve the telescopes and observe Jupiter and Saturn. Was a great defender of the heliocentric theory;

EDWIN HUBBLE: American. Discover by his observations of galaxies that the universe is in expansion. The space telescope is named as a tribute for him.


ALBERT EINSTEIN: German. Develop the Relativity Theory. Winner of the Nobel Prize of Physics in 1921;

JAMES CLARK MAXWELL: British. Is the father of Electromagnetism. Made the fundamental laws named “The Maxwell Laws”;

MICHAEL FARADAY: British. Made a huge contribution to Electrodynamics. Was an experimentalist.

MAX PLANCK: German. The father of the Quantum Mechanics. Winner of the Nobel Prize of Physics at 1918;

ISAAC NEWTON: British. Develop the all the Classic Mechanics (Just that… :P ).

FIFTH INTERNATIONAL SOLVAY CONFERENCE: The famous reunion with the present of Madame Curie, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Lorentz and many more! The reunion was to discuss the electron and photons and the quantum mechanics. Take place at Brussels in October of 1927.

The set is in sims3pack and if you want them just hit the button. Any problem with them please let me know.

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