February 21, 2012

Play Me! DVD

With new links for download!

Well…is a small detail but I really miss it! I have an awesome TV Set made by Pilar and I’m always put some books on the shelves. Not anymore! :)

I’m very proud of this set ‘cause I made the mesh. I know is only a rectangle but for me was a challenge to understand the UV mapping, slots and etc. And I never in my whole life used 3D programs! Is a nightmare to learn!!

Anyway…it’s a small set of DVD boxes. In total is 51 films. I selected films that I like with few exceptions.  Tarantino is one of my favorite directors and most of the films is my favorite too. Except to “The Exorcist” (scare me to death) and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (I’m not a Moore fan).

One more thing: it’s individual boxes that you can pile! I made too versions: one vertical and another horizontal. You can rotate and put the box in some angle. Here’s some screenshots:

As usual, you can download in both format.

Horizontal box:

Vertical box:

3. Sidebar by Awesims; Figurine: EA (Nightlife Expansion)
4. Doll by Eight/Three Atelier; Coffe table by Pilar; Candles by EA (Master Suit); Books by LivingDeadGirl; Cushion and frame you can find in this blog.  

Made with TSR Workshop. Convertion to package by Sims3Pack Multi Installer. Mesh by Madam Pink.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Sackgirl said...

You talented person. Thank you so much, now if i could just get a couple of xbox360 and playstation games(LOL). You did a remarkable job and i never realise that i needed this in my game until i saw this. They look really detailed. Thanks for the time it took to make these and thanks for sharing.

Madam Pink said...

Thanks for the nice words! Make me veeeery happy! :D

Anonymous said...

these are great, thank you

Kristen said...

These were so useful! I had decided I wanted to make a video store but figured I wouldn't be able to find the proper decor for it and I'd have to settle for books as "dvds" but then I found your work! Ah, thanks so much! Please consider making more like these!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible, I'd love to download them but mediafire has apparently decided it doesn't want to allow it, it says its been blocked for violation of their terms of service. I've only tried the sims 3 pack, haven't tried .package but I'm assuming its the same. :(

Madam Pink said...

Dear Anon,

Please, send me your e-mail adress and I'll send the files for you. I don't know why medifire did that (and only with this file!) but I'll fix as soon as possible.

Sorry about that! :(

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